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DOSH SOCIAL CARE – The Food Goodie Bag Programme

As We have launched our DOSH SOCIAL CARE Programme… Upon signing up a deal, our customer chooses to support ‘Food From The Heart’ and contribute 50% ($330*) for the ‘Food Goodie Bag’, Dosh will contribute the other 50% ($330) together with our customers to support a family for a whole year.

Join us to make a difference….

*Tax deductible


No child should go hungry in Singapore:

The Food Goodie Bag Programme in a nutshell: Food from the Heart works with schools to identify their most needy students then provides monthly supplies to help their families make ends meet.


The issue:

There are children in Singapore who experience pangs of hunger every day and are unable to change their own situation.

These children who do not receive enough nutrition become susceptible to illness, have a harder time concentrating in school, and may eventually feel demoralized.

Our Food Goodie Bag programme was created to provide relief to needy school children and their families in the form of food rations.

You can contribute to this programme under the ‘Adopt a Family’ initiative. Just $660 to support a family for a whole year.

What’s in each bag?
2 litres of cooking oil
10 kg of rice
2 cans of sardines
2 cans of condensed milk
2 cans of button mushrooms
3 cans of baked beans
20 sachets of cereal
900g of Milo
a 1 kg tin of biscuits
1 kg of sugar
20 packets of instant noodles|