Beauty meets strength in the perfect crossover.


Styled after the sleek elegance of a coupe with the functionalities of an SUV, the Honda Vezel’s form captivates in its beauty. Based on Honda’s Dynamic Cross Solid design concept, the Vezel features sharp, distinctive lines that fuse together a coupe-like top with an SUV’s stable lower frame.
Seamlessly merged with a wide-set front grille, the head lamps hold striking appeal with their duo LED lights accentuated by an LED guiding strip. The agile stance of a coupe is further conveyed by clean, defined contours that sweep from front to back. Pronounced wheel contours emphasize the underlying sense of strength found in an SUV, while a black body mould tightly grips the base for a rugged contrast. As a final ingenious touch, hidden rear door handles round off the car’s coupe-inspired style.


An Expansible Cockpit concept is adopted in the Vezel for a high-quality experience that’s truly unique. Similar to a coupe, a high centre console creates individual space for both driver and front passenger. Wide and form-fitting to the body, the seats themselves are optimized for a sedan-like sense of comfort and security. A centre tank layout adds the ample space found in a minivan.
Intuitive and passenger-friendly touch ups are added to the ingenious fusion. With the Smart Key System, the door handle unlocks easily when you grasp it. The seats’ Tip-up Mechanism lets you stack them up for a whole variety of seating arrangements. The tailgate is designed for hassle-free loading and unloading with its ground clearance of 65cm, and is spacious enough to fit three golf bags with ease. Fully automatic air-conditioning from the new Wide Air Flow Outlet ensures comfort in all areas to every passenger on board.


With its responsive steering and lightweight build, the Vezel makes for a fun and easy drive. A compact body size and high rigidity enables swift precision when cornering, adding to its fluid driving performance. Thanks to its CVT gearbox, excellent fuel efficiency at 20.6km/L is achievable on top of a smooth and steady acceleration.
To make driving more enjoyable, the Vezel is also upgraded with an array of user-friendly add-ons. The Electric Parking Brake and Auto Brake Hold functions keep the car in place with a single button switch and prevents it from rolling back on sloping surfaces, giving you control that’s more convenient and also less tiring legwork at busy traffic junctions. Another nifty enhancement is the addition of a mini prism mirror on the Vezel’s passenger door mirror, which projects the car’s blind spot on the left for easier viewing accessibility.

In an exciting new breed of automobiles, the Honda Vezel blends together the dynamism of an SUV, the beauty of a coupe, and the functionality of a minivan in perfect harmony.

Honda’s Dynamic Cross Solid design brings to life the Vezel’s flowing elegance with sculpted lines and hidden rear door handles – all of which are traits unique to a coupe.

Multi-faceted in design, the Vezel comes with a ton of features optimized for comfort and user-friendliness. Sedan-modelled seats realize best posture, a lowered tailgate enables easy access, whereas Electric Parking Brake and Auto Brake Hold functions simplify driving on top of a swift, coupe-like performance.